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News/Updates regarding Vehicle Dealers

2nd Temp Tags for Customers Update

To assist our Dealers and their customers through the current challenges, the DMV will allow a free 2nd temp-tag issued to a customer for documents issues, or delays, effective today, 10/01/2020, until further notice. Please process as follows: 1) Dealers must contact the DMV for a 2nd approval prior to issuing the temp-tag. 2) No failed inspections are eligible; the customer must go to their local DMV for a second temp-tag if vehicle failed inspection. 3) Dealers can extend a Temporary Tag between 55 and 65 days from the Tag issue date. 4) A Temp-Tag can be extended only once and will be valid for an additional 60 days; no fee for the 2nd request once approved. Out of State Dealerships can send their customers to their local DMV for a 2nd temp-tag (customer must show bill of sale, proof of insurance, and Driver License). DE Dealers can process the 2nd temp-tag on the Print on Demand Temp Tag system. Please make sure you are hitting REPRINT/DUPLICATE Temp Tag not Create New.