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Duplicate Title Request

Out of state - duplicate title request

Fully complete the Duplicate title Application (MV213) with the required information. It is critical to complete all fields.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Title/Tag/Registration Number
  • Make, Model, Year, and Color of the vehicle
  • Owner(s) name(s) and address
  • If there is a lien on the vehicle:
    • Lienholders can release the lien on the bottom of the MV213, or a separate lien release can be attached to the application.
    • If the lien is staying on, the lienholder can acknowledge the duplicate by signing the bottom of the form or submitting a letter stating they accept the duplicate
  • All owners must sign the Duplicate Application; signing by power of attorney (POA) is acceptable.
    • o An original notarized POA must accompany the Application for Duplicate (MV213). The individual granted POA must print the owner(s) name(s) along with their name; for example John Smith by Jane Doe POA
  • Authorized signer for dealership must sign on the line that states “Signature of Individual Other Than Owner Requesting Duplicate” and put their Driver License/ID number on the line.
  • Attach the copy of the owner(s) Driver’s License or ID with the documents.
  • A check for $50 made payable to the Delaware DMV.
  • Include a return “paid” shipping label. DMV will send the completed (or rejected) work back to dealer or lienholder using the “return paid shipping label” provided in the deal submitted.
  • Duplicate titles with a lien get mailed back to the lien holder.