Vehicle Registration Fee Estimation


FT costs are pro-rated to save farmers on registration weight. Must receive a completed MV31 form. PC and Pleasure tags are valid for vehicles registered at 7,000 pounds or less. Any vehicle registered OVER 7,000 pounds must have C, FT, FV, or RV. For more information on Tag Types please check out the FAQ.


It is the total price of the vehicle including any and all accessories rebates freight etc but is Not to include any warranties, dealers discounts, processing fees etc.


Pleasure vehicles and suv’s/station wagons/ mini-vans are registered at the normal 5000 pounds.


Minimum amount of registration is six months. If you live in Delaware, your vehicle must have a valid Delaware Registration.


Is the customer trading in a vehicle to purchase this vehicle? Trade-in can also include a customer turning in a leased vehicle or a total loss. For a leased vehicle we acknowledge the “Residual Value” on the old lease contract. On the total loss we use the “Actual Cash Value” determined by the insurance company.


If doing a Sold Out of State (SOS) to retain a tag, enter ‘2’ if no lien release is attached to the work.


If customer is retaining a tag, please enter ‘2’.


Tag Background Fee is charged for initial purchase of the background plate. No additional fees after initial purchase. There is no cost to transfer to a new purchased vehicle.


Vanity Plates cost an additional $40 registration fee per year. This is in addition to the normal registration fees. Vanity plates may display a single letter or a combination of letters and numerals. They may not exceed 7 characters on a standard vehicle or 5 characters for a motorcycle. Hyphens, ampersands, and spaces are permitted and will count as a character. No other punctuation marks are allowed. The Division cannot approve any vanity plate that may conflict with any existing license plate.


Select if Customer wants to retain a vanity tag already on an existing vehicle. Fee would be to update the vanity registration. Vanity plate’s expiration date must match the expiration of the new tag. Vanities are prorated at $3.50 per month.


A special document fee is added for the addition of a non-related owner to an already-titled vehicle. This amount is normally equal to the document fee of half the vehicle value when adding one additional owner. It will be pro-rated depending on how many additional unrelated owners are added.


A tag switch occurs when customer or customers want to switch tags between two titled/registered vehicles. Expiration dates stay with the vehicles, not the tags. An extra sticker fee for each “valid” registration will need to be included in the calculation.


Only assessed if the customer would like a duplicate of the tag on the vehicle.


Late Titling fee will be added only when title work date is more than 60 days after the date of sale for Delaware Titles Only. Late fees are not charged on Mobile Homes, out of state titles or certificate of origins.


Service Fee is assessed if the customer wants to change the tag currently existing on the car but is not “switching” it with another. An extra sticker fee will also to be assessed.


This charge is "ONLY" for retaining the Delaware Tag. If customer is not retaining the Delware tag "DO NOT CHARGE".


Special antique motor vehicle license plate shall be issued for a fee of $25.00 and shall be valid without further payment of a renewal fee as long as the vehicle is in existence and is owned by the same person.